TV Repairs & Maintenance

With our on-site workshop, we can offer a comprehensive repair service for a wide range of products, from TVs, recorders, radios, and audio equipment.

Most common repairs range from software updates, tracing and replacing components smaller than a pinhead to complete circuit board replacements.

All you need to do is email or call us to let us know what’s wrong, then bring in your item and pay a basic inspection fee. Our engineers will then diagnose the fault and create a quote for the full cost of the repair, which the inspection fee acts as a deposit toward.

If you decide the cost to repair isn’t economical, then the inspection fee can be put towards getting a replacement from us instead, and we’ll handle the disposal of your faulty item.

If you’re unable to bring it to us, get in contact to see if you’re eligible for our collect and repair service.

We are also able to provide insurance quotation should your TV be damaged as a result of an accident.

For more information on prices or to check if we can look at your item, just give us a call on 01460 240645, email us at, or click the “Contact us” button on the right.